Hello world.

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May I remind you, that your are wasting time
browsing through the internet and reading pages like this?

I really love running!

It started somewhen in college, when I realised that the only sport, I really like to do, is running. But it took off during Swiss Army’s officer’s school, when I noticed that I am not too bad at it.

The following summer, I finished my first half marathon (Greifenseelauf). So I got fitter and better and did a lot of smaller events. In 1999, I missed the first hometown marathon. I just did not realise in advance that it took place. I decided right away after reading the corresponding article in the local newspaper to participate the following year, which I did (Winterthur Marathon).

Meanwhile, I completed over fourty marathons and did a lot of longer events. Lost a bit of ambition, but running is still fun.


I love biking as well.

Riding a downhill bike in 2011 for the first time at Whistler was an impressive experience. Instead of riding it just for two or three days, I ended in the bike park every day. Even my hands hurt the sort of being unable to open a bottle, I rode as long as my body permitted.

Have been back riding for more than ten times since. It's just heaven on earth...


For all those, who like nature: Whistler offers much more than skiing and biking!


I do love food.

It’s not only about cooking. I just do love food. But with preparing the meals on your own, you can even make more out of good food and for sure, it should look appealing as well! Entertaining is part of it.

Personally, I like cooking together with others. It’s more inspiring and you create greater dishes that on your own. But even then, it is so relaxing to prepare a meal, that I do it quite often on my own.

And yes, to the regret of my colleagues, I do like tidy kitchens! And not only after cooking…


Cities are my favourite places.

Yes, I am a classy city-o-holic. I like cities like London or Vancouver. To get the full experience of a city, I do two things:

(1) I prefer walking (or running) through the different parts of the city street by street. By walking you can see parts of the neighbourhoods, you would never get by being driven through.

(2) I like to go there quite often. Like that, you see how an area changes, how a city develops, how life is going on. Nothing better than spotting a new thing at a place visited before.


Modern and Contemporary Art gives a lot.

Never had a lot to do with arts as a kid. Sure we went to museums and to the local theatre. But for whatever reason, I have never been gripped.

Later, I explored art institutions; I have rarely visited with my mum, getting to see a more diverse art. Nowadays, I am a regular visitor of Tate Modern, the Saatchi Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art and the Vancouver Art Gallery (what a coincidence to the cities mentioned before!). Two of them have expansion projects by Herzog & de Meuron architects. Looking forward visiting those two buildings!


Other things I like and do

Work in progress... please hold on.

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